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All of the Instructors at Paramount Martial Arts LLC are the best trained and qualified in the area. Each has certification in the art/arts they teach. Together the instructors have nearly 100 years experience between them.

Our Facility

  • Best mats in the industry
  • Clean and Inviting
  • Most comfortable seating and viewing area of any Martial Arts school!
  • Cultivating a culture of inclusiveness




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Paramount Martial Arts Teaches many different disciplines of Martial Arts.

Current programs are listed below:

As one of the largest Martial arts systems in the world, Tai Chi is incorporated in all of the arts we teach. It teaches the positioning and leverage of all martial arts. It even can be found in Krav Maga.

Hawaiian Kempo Karate: This is a system from China developed in Hawaii. We teach this exciting program to children and adults. It's full of tradition and great self-defense. We incorporate some American Kickboxing and extra defense of Krav Maga. This is a great sport as well as great self-defense. It's fun, exciting and full of traditions and life skills. Our students achieve the best life skills such as respect discipline, courage, confidence, compassion for others and a great deal of self-respect along with the best self-defense.

Krav Maga: Israeli military tactics. This is an adult only class (mature teens check with instructor). It is for fast up close self-defense. Krav Maga is real world self-defense with no nonsense moves. We teach how to do safe techniques while being able to stop the attacker in their tracks. Krav Maga is a devastating self-defense program. You will get a great work out while learning fantastic self-defense. Our Krav Maga program is the longest established Krav Maga Program in Thurston County teaching all 4 levels of Krav Maga including knife and gun defense in the upper levels. The confidence gained by this course is one of the greatest benefits. This confidence comes from knowing you can defend yourself and your loved ones quickly and effectively. Our systems are simply the best, period.

Kajukenbo: An Adult/Teen Program (Our Jr. Blacks may attend) Kajukenbo is the only recognized American Martial Art founded in Hawaii in the mid 1940s. It is recognized as the original mixed martial art combining Karate, Judo, Jiu jitsu, Kenpo, and Chinese and western Boxing (Chinese boxing= Kung fu/Gung fu) as well as the Philippine art of Escrima. The system was put together by 5 masters of different arts, each holding Black Belts in at least one art. The idea was to go from any range of fighting and be able to  be victorious. Kajukenbo is the predecessor of todays MMA with the exception of rules. Kajukenbo was designed for real street self-defense. Everything is the system is designed for real encounters. Bruce Lee studied with Tony Ramos, a Kajukenbo pioneer, and liked it so much he incorporated the ideas and concepts into his style of Jeet Kune Do. This art is great for beginners to experts as it is an advanced art form.

W.A.V.E. (Women Against Violent Encounters):This ladies only self defense seminar was established in 1998 and founded by Mark and Elizabeth Casey. They saw a need for defense for women as some women were uncomfortable starting a class with men. This is the best ladies self defense program and has been taught across the country. You can see some of our great testimonials on our WAVE page. We hold several seminars a year here in Lacey/Olympia through South Puget Sound College. We do private groups on request (10 or more). We are affiliated with "No More" as can be seen on this site, also with the Aim High foundation a nonprofit organization. Women who take this course feel empowered as the defense we teach is practical and very effective. We have a person in the large dummy suit for the ladies to try the techniques on. Everyone enjoys that part! There are never men allowed in this course except the instructor and the person in the dummy suit. We explain why in more detail. Our goal is to make ladies feel comfortable in the setting and learn some serious self-defense to empower their lives.

Please contact us for more information about any of our programs. 360-956-0888

Our school is clean, family friendly, and we have a large comfortable viewing area. We hold special events for kids and families. We are available for class room visits teaching goal setting and bully proofing. Our courteous and helpful staff is always on hand to assist you. Our adult times are after the children/family classes and this allows for the more serious training to occur.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to be teaching you one of our fantastic programs really soon! Feel free to sign up for the No Obligation introductory course listed on this site. Just click the link above to get started.


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